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The Widow

After failing to raise all the money to shoot 'The Widow' film, I rewrote my screenplay for the stage.

It was produced by Talking Scarlet in Eastbourne & Croydon and, in 2018, in Garland Civic Centre, Texas.

More info, here.

Flyer front OoB.jpg Sophie Ward, Sophia Myles, George Asprey, Celia Imrie

Out of Bounds

I caught a great wave when I was able to realise a dream and direct my screenplay, 'Out of Bounds'. The film was shot on Super 16mm at a wonderful former school north of London. I was inexperienced but smart enough to surround myself with phenomenal talent.

Peter Thornton was our director of photography and cameraman. His skill is apparent in every frame.

Production design and costume, and our amazing lighting crew all contributed to the film's authentic look.

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LipSync post created the most wonderful sound design, complemented by Mark Ryder's superb music score.

Celia Imrie was the first to commit, long before I had raised any money. Her character is very different from the comedy roles she usually plays.

Sophia Myles was only 20 but her nuanced performance is highly accomplished.

Sophie Ward is the school's headmistress and is scarily superb - we're not related!

More info, here.

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The story was set in summer but the film was shot in October in a remote castle in the Czech Republic. The sun shone but the dry air was freezing cold.

Whilst the crew were wrapped up in hats and gloves, our brave and brilliant cast were dressed in t-shirts.



There was much secrecy when the first series of Chuggington was being developed. Many of my ideas for stories were already in development. It was about my twelfth submission before I struck gold with 'Famous Emery'.

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No Kissing

My first, original play, is still in development. It is a contemporary story about an impoverished inventory clerk who expects to find an empty flat but discovers a seductive woman and a large wad of hidden cash.

An extract of the play was presented by Vertical Line at Greenwich Theatre.

Directed by Maud Dromgoole, the players were Porter Flynn and Badria Timimi.


Rising Tide

& other scripts

I have made money writing scripts that were never produced.

'Rising Tide' was optioned and re-optioned and although I made good money I wish it had been produced. The story is set in North Foreland by the famous "39" steps that are carved through the cliff.

'The Belle of New York' was based on an original story by Patricia O'Connor. It's set at the end of the 19th century in New York and southern Spain. It was optioned twice by Morgan O'SulliVan, the Irish film producer, but never produced.

'The Bored Bridegroom' was part of a project in development with Working Title Films. I adapted the novel written by Barbara Cartland but the series was shelved.

'No Rest for the Dead' was a screenplay commissioned by James B. Harris Productions (Los Angeles). The original story was set in the LA Police Department.

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