Lara Lemon as Catherine; Samuel Clemens as Joshua.JPG

"We had so much positive feedback about the show. It was a big hit."

Cheryl Pellett, President of the Board of Directors, Garland Civic Theatre, Texas, USA

"...a dark and unnerving thriller. Lara Lemon is excellent as Catherine as is Samuel Clemens as her love interest." 


Anita Graham as Mrs O'Brien.JPG

"Anita Graham contributes greatly to the spookiness of the play with her scary performance as the housekeeper." 


Samuel Clemens as Joshua.JPG

"[The Widow] a well put together example of the ghost/thriller genre which won’t disappoint the audience as it makes great use of the staples of this kind of play - the sinister housekeeper, the terrible family secret, ghostly figures appearing, warnings being whispered, footsteps and laughter coming from nowhere. 

[the writer] also manages to refresh the proposition by making the play very contemporary, which gives it additional resonance for a modern audience."

Greg Ripley-Duggan, Executive Producer, Hampstead Theatre (reviewing the play script)